Multiple Income Streams by Example

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What I have been Up to!

Where Have I been!Where Have I been!So since my last post was so vague as to what Ive been doing I thought Id share a little. I have been living the marketers dream, swimming in Tahiti. Flying from vacation spot to vacation spot. ----Im kidding-- I can't believe some people still go with that kind of stuff though lol. Anyways, I have been really busy with work. Was involved in a pretty tough project and didn't have nearly as much free time as I used to. Last thing I wanted to do was sit home and write.

Why not? Writing is fun
It's not that I don't really enjoy it. Its just that I had to choose between my normal tv shows and writing this blog. I had a pretty heavy commute to and from the job and when I got home I would have to do work for clients, and my other businesses that I am involved in. Then the little time left Id pretty much spend with my fiance and the tv.

I have been working on a couple clients websites, and am getting ready to start a marketing campaign for a larger company. I won't be able to write much about it as its just not good practice in my opinion. I will however be writing about the site I started as a partnership. I won't give all the details as again It still a partnership, but I can give the idea and how its progressing along with marketing techniques that we will be implementing. For up until now its just been adding content. These posts will of course be put in the case study area for easy reference.

I am currently moving one of my auto businesses. Luckily I am the money partner and the footwork is being done by the others. This would eat up my time as well. Although I still have to have meetings and other business related time.

Lastly, well, not truly lastly --but Im not trying to bore everyone completely to death--. My real estate business is still going strong. I will be going into detail on some of the properties I have been involved in. These types of deals I don't have to worry about my business partners getting offended for giving giving too many details as the business is 100% controlled by me. I have some websites that are all under my control as well and will eventually go over them too :). But I only have so much time. So stay tuned as I will be actually posting quite a bit more in the coming weeks.

Moving on
Oh just one more thing, as if the stuff above wasn't enough, I recently moved. Im just finishing with that and got the internet on my new place just the other day lol. Almost forgot that part.

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