Multiple Income Streams by Example

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What is this blog all about?

This site is not about getting rich in a day, week or month. Its not about getting rich period. The truth is NONE of the ideas on this site or any other site will help you get rich. Only you can do that. Any of the ideas that are discussed or will be discussed here will only give you a direction to go. They are an assortment of techniques business models and ideas that I have used in the past and many that I still use today. That doesn't mean you can't get rich or at least make a living working for yourself, its just a disclaimer, yes thats right, I started off with a disclaimer.

Find your DirectionFind your Direction

What WOI (Web of Income) is about!

I have been dabbling with online marketing since about 1997 and constantly moved from there to online retail to hosting to offline businesses etc etc. A jack of all but master at only a few yet just about all my ventures with the exception of a small few have been profitable. Most have not made me a killing but some have done very well. I do them for fun, hobby,money and sometimes just to see if some models actually work, and believe it or not most seem to work fine they just need put into action. After doing all these things I realized I have never really kept an organized log of the stuff I have done.

The Point
So first and foremost this blog or site is my journal and place to keep track of the many ventures I have been involved in. A place for "me" to keep information for me to reflect on and since its public it is a place for anyone else who has interest as well. Im not a coach (tried it sucked at it talk about it in another post) and this blog will not stick to one very specific subject. It is somewhat general. Learn from my examples if you wish or just read it for entertainment.
For many of "you" my blog might be a guide by examples of the many directions you could go. The web of so many business models on and off the net that can lead you to financial freedom. It could be used to help you sort out the different methods and pick one or a few that work best for you. Even though the sites name is web of income the site is not only about making money online. Some businesses even today are offline, and some both.

I use my experiences with the many different avenues of making money. Just FYI I am not selling any program and like mentioned above, even the oddest sounding ideas can work. Im not talking about blatant scams. What makes a program a scam and what makes it legit is for the most part, the intent (this is an opinion only). If someone is selling a program that they have never tried themselves or only make money selling the program and not doing what their program teaches. That would in my opinion be unethical unless they knew (somehow) it worked. Now that being said the programs those gurus usually promote actually can work and do. In that case they aren't scams. Now don't go off buying every program that you hear about just because of that note. Some people do have bad intentions. I just feel like many people selling a program can get a bad rap just because the buyers don't actually put the program into action. Yes the claims usually are misleading but the truth is the failure to make any money is probably the buyers fault.

Who am I and What I am doing here!

Well I'm not really about to give you all the details about me. I personally don't feel its best to share all the details of my personal life etc. not even my name. Sounds shady right! I quess I understand that (Not that this info would be hard to figure out). --You can call me The Rookie. Ive been going by that name since I was an internet Rookie. Even though I would no longer consider myself a rookie online it has stuck.-- This site nor all of my other sites aren't my sole source of income. I still work not because I have to but because I love my job (probably the best reason to keep this site separate from me personally). I also make a very good chunk of money from several businesses and investments that I have full or partial control of off the net (Some of those will be talked about on this site as well). If all those failed and My sole source of income was from the internet ventures I have been a part of in the past and currently am involved in, I would probably put my picture and name right on the front page to give it a more personal and trusting feeling. Besides all the above jabber, the personal info is out there. Most could figure it out without much help.

The plan here is to talk about what has worked for me online and a little offline. I like the idea of helping someone who might not be making a great living from their job. I feel my experience online and off can help. I have been a part of many online projects ranging from blogs to affiliate sites to niche sites and all have been able to produce money. No I have never taken any of those to an extreme level, mainly because my focus is on other things, but i've made enough from each to prove that they work, and if I had no other income I would be able to make a good living without a job. Its a great hobby for me, but for anyone dedicated enough the so called hobbies I will talk about can easily be scaled to the next level.