Multiple Income Streams by Example

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Tools and Resources

Here you will find some of the tools I currently use or have used with success in the past. On occasion I may add a tool or resource that I don't necessarily use but is similar to one that I do use. An example would be a web hosting company. I feel that more than one choice would be important for you to make an informed decision. I will not post one unless I have researched it and feel good about it. In the case that I don't use that program or tool I will disclose the info and why. There will be no tools listed that I don't use or have not used in the past unless they weren't highly recommended by someone I trust.

I will also be including Sites that I like, if it makes sense that a particular site is about a method I wrote about and it does a great job I will add it here as well. If the list gets large enough I might give it a dedicated page.

Content Management - If your serious about being online, you need a cms - Content management systems.

-- Drupal: This is the system I prefer for many reasons, I am very comfortable with it but beginners might have a slight learning curve. You can check out Why I like Drupal
-- Wordpress: Wordpress is the king of blog platforms. I personally only use it on a few of my sites but, it is the most popular and probably easier to use. It isn't quite as flexible as Drupal but it is getting there.

Hosting - I have had many bad experiences with hosting companys they will be key to any online business you have so choose one wisely. I list only what I feel good about.

-- Godaddy: I have seen tons of posts as to why Godaddy sucks but I personally have had great service with them.. Currently I have multiple dedicated and virtual servers from Godaddy. The few times I had issues their chat staff was on it. Ill have a post on them soon.
-- Bluehost: At this time I have never used them but they are the only other hosting company I can promote. Many people I trust have used and still use Bluehost and their prices are more than fair.

Real Estate

-- List Source: This is a great marketing research site for Real Estate. Allows the user to get information on homes that fit criteria entered into certain filters. The lists that are created aren't free, but they are well worth it.

-- FreedomSoft:I am just getting a chance to try this and have no comment yet. I do however personally know two wholesalers that use this product to promote real estate wholesale deals and they are very happy with it. I have finally taken the plunge to buy this product and will look forward to giving my feedback.