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Promoting and Marketing an Authority Site

Using networking to build a brand over google keyword targeting.

As of the last update we had done zero offsite promotion with the exception of rss feed submission and tying the site to a facebook page and twitter account.

The site gets anywhere from 5 to 20 visitors on any given day. Not a bunch but considering there has been no efforts in marketing, its a pretty good start. Most of the visitors are coming from google. There is a bunch of content but really its about 5 posts that seem to have a decent ranking and are bringing in the small traffic. All just long tail traffic. The articles were not researched or targeted, just plain old nicely written articles that the author (my partner on this site) felt like writing about.

Promoting the site
This is the fun part for me. Near the end of this week there will be enough content on the site to keep people interested and coming back. So Ill be going over several techniques with the site co-owner to start generating traffic.

We will be using several techniques to go about getting traffic. Some social networking with facebook, twitter some blog commenting, forum posting and more.

When I promote a site like this, I am not so much worried about getting high rankings for keywords in google. So I am not necessarily targeting any specific phrases. I really don't rely heavily on keyword targeting for micro niche sites either but will do a little to help google figure out what my sites are about. It doesn't take much. Anyways, for a large niche site Im focusing on spreading the word. Its more like networking with others that are in the same field.

Networking over keyword targeting
I think its important to realize that networking is what we are doing when we are promoting a website. Just like most businesses offline, the ones that are most successful are the ones with the best networks. Real Estate is a great example of this. The more contacts you have in a real estate business the more opportunities arise. Mortgage brokers will send you business, other investors will, real estate agents and on and on.

Its the same online. Don't think of yourself as a marketer of your site, or a keyword person. Its not necessary and its actually harder and slower to get traffic. If you work on networking instead of all the other junk you will get better results and faster results. Plus they will stick. No more worrying about your top spot in google getting stolen.

Whats the game plan!
Focusing on networking will automatically do all the other search engine ranking for us. As we build our network of friends through social media, blog commenting and forum posting, our ranks will naturally start to come up. But better than that we will start getting visitors to the site from day one. This is why I had her spend so much more time upfront on content and the look of the site. There will be people coming in the day after we start. Its just natural. Google will do its own thing and give us credit as it sees fit.

Everything we will be doing involves communicating with other sites in some way or another. I will have a large list of sites that are related to our site in some way or another. There will be some very closely related sites all the way to barely related.

The sites will be personal blogs, forums, web 2.0 style blogs (like squidoo), facebook fan pages, twitter pages and more.

We will be posting to these sites on a ongoing basis. The top sites that get the most traffic, we will target the most, but that doesn't mean neglect the little sites. Sometimes they get big too and if you are on their radar in the beginning it makes a good ally.

Since this is just a case study that is about what we are doing and the results, Im not going to get deep into how Im implementing each technique above. I will have guides on each technique though and will post to them here as I write them. Or look for them in the guide area.

Next update will be showing some results of this style of promotion. I will also talk about a few more things that we will be doing as we build an audience.

Jon (not verified) wrote on Mon, 10/07/2013 - 05:02:

Thanks for the update. Looking forward to seeing the results now. I know you don't post that often but I hope you keep this one up as it inspires me to change my approach.

The Rookie wrote on Tue, 10/08/2013 - 01:55:

Thanks. I really am working on posting more. I've had more time lately so I should be able to be more consistent. As for waiting on the case study. I'd say don't wait. I have other sites I've used this approach on so I know it works. Even if you do other stuff you might as well get social too.

Its not going to hurt you. Waiting will.

sean (not verified) wrote on Mon, 10/07/2013 - 11:20:

Your comment on nichepursuits last post brought me over to check you out. Honestly I was a little skeptical with the whole rookie name thing so I did some checking to see if you have been around as long as your comment on the nichepursuits said. The one about warrior forum. Sure enough you are all over. There are posts with the name rookie from years ago their and other places.

Nice to be able to prove your real :) Great post, I guess your right on the topic since that is how I got here.

The Rookie wrote on Tue, 10/08/2013 - 02:06:

Ya. Nichpursuits is a great resource. Guy running it is obviously using it to promote his product but there's definitely nothing wrong with that. I don't have long tail pro so I can't vouch for it but I'm sure its great. Plus his methods just work. And hes local to my state so that's a plus lol.

Well sorry that I come off as skeptical. The rookie was one of my first forum names back when I was a newb it stuck and it felt catchy. Besides I like a little anonimity. Not that anyone who really wanted to couldn't figure it out. Yep I've been on warrior forum for ever. I think the first forum I really got into that had a marketing area was digital point. I remember reading about the owner on a trip to Cancun like 8 or nine years ago. I might have used the same name then. So yep I'm real.

AndyT. (not verified) wrote on Sun, 11/06/2016 - 12:53:

I have been using tried and tested methods for promoting a website and have gained success without fail.

Lewis (not verified) wrote on Mon, 11/07/2016 - 09:26:

I would like to share tips and tricks about promoting business services through my blog, so please find time to read.

ChrisH. (not verified) wrote on Thu, 12/08/2016 - 09:49:

Gone are the days when SEO professional used to target few keywords, because now they have to create backlinks in a natural way.
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Ben (not verified) wrote on Sat, 03/11/2017 - 03:59:

Well, overstuffing of keywords can be risky practice in the current times, so it would be better to play safe.

Andy Smith (not verified) wrote on Sat, 03/11/2017 - 04:01:

Well, keywords are to be included in web content, but they must appear naturally, and you must not try to repeat them multiple times.

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