Multiple Income Streams by Example

Promoting and Marketing an Authority Site

Promoting and Marketing an Authority Site

Using networking to build a brand over google keyword targeting.

Welcome to Web of Income

Welcome to Web of Income

Discover an income stream that works best for you. Follow my blog as I discuss ways in which I make money online and off in the past and in the present. Learn from my examples, see what worked and didn't and decide if any of the business models I write about, might be interesting to you.

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Out of State Owner financed Purchase

Out of State Owner financed Purchase

Owner financing is probably one of the easiest ways to get into real estate. So many variations with options that can result in zero money or even money in your pocket at closing.

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Why do Internet Marketers give products away and the Dangers of Free

Free can be a win win or a lose lose, so put some thought into it.Free can be a win win or a lose lose, so put some thought into it.Probably the greatest marketing technique ever conceived is to give something away for free. Almost all marketers online understand this. Most will try to implement it on their site in some form, whether its giving away a step by step guide or an ebook. If you are a rookie marketer you might be asking yourself, "why would anyone give away so much of their hard work for free".

Afterall, it wasn't free for them to put the ebook or study guide together. It took time or money, right? Yes, pretty much everything has a cost. Sometimes it is just a matter of the marketers time, but from a business percpective time is money. Maybe they paid someone to create the guides or books. This clearly costs money. Not only that, the marketer will have to go back through and edit the information - if its an info product -. If its not an info product they still have to pay for the product or service that they intend to give away.

The Reason Online Marketers give away Products for Free

Search Engines - Don't Beat them Join Them - Why you should be leading and not following the seo game

Don't follow the other Seo RatsDon't follow the other Seo RatsThere is no doubt that google is a great source of traffic. It can make your business very successful almost overnight. This causes many site owners to obsess over seo. They work so hard on researching what google likes best that they sacrifice quality on their sites. The very thing that helps them get to the top ends up eventually bringing them back to reality.

Search engine results can be manipulated, its been proven since the beginning. I remember the first time I ever tried seo on a website. It was over 15 years ago and search engines were in there early stages. The top search engines of the time were webcrawler, alta vista and some others - Its been a while- . Anyways, I had picked up a book at the library. One of the Guerilla marketing books by Jay Conrad Levinson I believe, and I'd recomend it even today. The book had great information on how to promote and market for businesses, core ideas that will forever stand the test of time like networking and having a great product. These are the ideas that people should focus on. Ill talk about them in future posts. The book also talked about tricks to get to the top of the search engines. If I remember right it mentioned that these strategies would probably last - again it was a long time ago -

Real Estate Investing

Real Estate Lifestyle - No This isn't my place -Real Estate Lifestyle - No This isn't my place -More millionaires have been created through Real Estate than any other form of investing or business. It can have very high returns compared to the risk that is taken. Many horror stories also have come from this form of business. I personally have had my share of success and failures. Real Estate is one of my favorite forms of investing. It is one of the reasons my focus is not directly on internet businesses and blogging. I do like blogging but I am drawn to real estate investing.

In this area I will go over strategies that I have used in the past and currently use today. I will talk about my failures as well as successes - Most failures are simply trying to push to hard to make things happen, so don't be afraid -. I truly believe that with real estate even bad deals will eventually turn into good ones, with enough time. The key is to not bite off more than one can chew.

As I add more to this guide, I might break it into chapters or even individual books. Real Estate is a very large topic on its own so dividing it into separate books might give readers a better idea as to which form of real estate is best for them. Ex: If you have money and credit, buy and hold techniques might work well for a while. If you are broke and have poor credit, wholesaling works great.

Ill include real examples and great resources to learn more. So if real estate is your thing you might want to come back as I add pages and tools.

Stop thinking about it and do it already: Why most online businesses never get going

This image was from  Great pic and a great blog post on giving upThis image was from Great pic and a great blog post on giving upGiving up already?
If you ask this question to anyone that has tried to make it online and failed. Their answer will almost always be; yes, making money online just doesn't work. Some will say how hard it is and how much time they wasted trying to make even the smallest amount of money. If you are one of the people in this group, ask yourself two questions, "what was so hard" and "what did I do".

Those simple questions will shed a lot of light on why you might have failed. Usually people just give up to early. The story is the same over and over again. People have a tendancy to start things and not finish. They get motivation from a book, article or video and think they will be able to quit their job in a month or two. People end up spending most of their time reading and not doing.

A simple example:

Drupal: Content Management System

Drupal is one of the web's leading content management systems that you might not of heard of and best of all its totally free. I use Drupal almost exclusively these days. It is extremely extendable, capable of creating the most powerful websites with almost no coding. Probably the main reason you haven't heard of it; Wordpress - ill post the wordpress info as another resource as well.

I chose Drupal over Wordpress several years ago, it was a choice of expandability.(Check it out a Back then Wordpress was a very good blog platform. Probably the best out of the box. The thing is I wanted more than just a blog. I was building small community sites and other types of sites that just needed options. Drupal's very modular design meant it could do just about anything. On the downside it also meant that out of the box it wasn't as easy and needed several extra modules - all free of course - to get it to even Wordpress level, but once the modules were put to use it could do so much more.

Today, Wordpress has become much better and can do much more than it used to even out of the box. There are several addons that allow it to do many things Drupal can do. At the same time Drupal has become much more user friendly, many of the modules that needed installed are now part of Drupal's core. Since this isn't really a comparison ill stick to Drupal details now -Both content management systems are very good.

The Death of forum posting: Why you should resurrect

Forums are AliveForums are AliveWith all the marketing methods talked about so often today, forums seem to have become an afterthought. Are they truly a dead method for bringing traffic? Marketers teach about so many techniques that will bring in tons of visitors to your site. Ive seen everything from massive content creation for catching odd phrases in google to massive niche site creation that lead to your main site. Forum Posting so rarely gets talked about anymore and when it does it is often called a dead end or useless method for actually bringing visitors to your web page. Not only are those statements wrong, they are leading you away from one of the easiest and fastest way to build a lasting online presence, whether you have a blog, build niche sites or most other types of online business.

Forums are great for so many reasons that they should be one of your top priorities when starting a new blog or business. This doesn't mean go around spamming them, that will just ruin any future you might have. I also don't suggest getting highly involved and putting your link in your signature, that will come a little later. There are many reasons for getting involved in forums. So many that for the sake of keeping this post simple Ill go over just a few of the best ones.

How to create complex websites today

Complex Web SitesComplex Web SitesWebsites today aren't just simple html pages, I think most people realize this anymore. Although you can use tools to create a quick little website they aren't interactive and don't turn out like most people want. I remember my first web page. Yep I said page. I built it with a wysiwyg tool (what you see is what you get) in an old web browser called netscape navigator. (Might have been netscape communicator at that point). Anyways I knew only a little html so it was a decent tool to create pages with. This was the old way.

Eventually I learned html pretty well and felt I had more control using it directly. Then came css or cascading style sheets. Then pearl then php for which was great for the inernet and by then I was taking computer science in college and learning the standard computer languages so all of this stuff was becoming fairly repetitive. Most programming languages are somewhat similar and a simple syntax reference book will help keep you from mixing them up. This post could go on for ever about the evolving technologies so I'll move on.


Blogging is a great form of expression and can also be a great source of income for the person that takes it seriously.

This will be a guide to blogging. As the site grows if I feel a post relates to blogging or I decide to do a how to it will go here. One of the great features of drupal is that has this book like feature for easily organizing content even after its created.

What is this blog all about?

This site is not about getting rich in a day, week or month. Its not about getting rich period. The truth is NONE of the ideas on this site or any other site will help you get rich. Only you can do that. Any of the ideas that are discussed or will be discussed here will only give you a direction to go. They are an assortment of techniques business models and ideas that I have used in the past and many that I still use today. That doesn't mean you can't get rich or at least make a living working for yourself, its just a disclaimer, yes thats right, I started off with a disclaimer.

Find your DirectionFind your Direction

What WOI (Web of Income) is about!

I have been dabbling with online marketing since about 1997 and constantly moved from there to online retail to hosting to offline businesses etc etc. A jack of all but master at only a few yet just about all my ventures with the exception of a small few have been profitable. Most have not made me a killing but some have done very well. I do them for fun, hobby,money and sometimes just to see if some models actually work, and believe it or not most seem to work fine they just need put into action. After doing all these things I realized I have never really kept an organized log of the stuff I have done.

The Point