Multiple Income Streams by Example

Promoting and Marketing an Authority Site

Promoting and Marketing an Authority Site

Using networking to build a brand over google keyword targeting.

Welcome to Web of Income

Welcome to Web of Income

Discover an income stream that works best for you. Follow my blog as I discuss ways in which I make money online and off in the past and in the present. Learn from my examples, see what worked and didn't and decide if any of the business models I write about, might be interesting to you.

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Out of State Owner financed Purchase

Out of State Owner financed Purchase

Owner financing is probably one of the easiest ways to get into real estate. So many variations with options that can result in zero money or even money in your pocket at closing.

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Back from the Dead

Well, it has been a long time since my last post, and I apologize to anyone who is following my blog. I have been extremely busy with several different things and have just put the blog on hiatus for the time being. Its not that I couldn't find the time - Everyone has the time to do blog posts once or twice a week - its just that I haven't felt the urge. I do use this blog as a hobby and not a source of income. Regardless I will make an effort to start posting more regularly.

I have been able to free up some of my time and think I will make a strong effort to continue this journal on a more consistent pace. I have continued on a couple of the projects I started talking about - even though I haven't blogged about them - So I will start talking about what I've been up to in the next few posts.

For now I'll be playing catch up and should be posting probably once a day until I feel like I am caught up with what I have been doing. Once caught up I will most likely scale it back down to probably twice a week. I do plan on at a minimum once a week from this point on. Although I'd like to say I'll be aiming for 3 posts per week.

I look forward to getting back to writing, and I think many of you will definitely find value in my future posts.

Real Estate Examples

Real Estate ExamplesReal Estate ExamplesI have decided to add this particular section for one particular reason. Proof of concept. Every deal that I put in this area is an actual deal that I have done and not a method. Each example will show the steps I took to get the deal from start to finish. How much money it took -including any marketing- and the amount of money it made or potentially could make.

Reading guides or peoples opinions on how to do real estate is great but most people won't act because they fear that they might miss a step or just do something wrong. This fear tends to keep them from even trying. The thing is there isn't a perfect step by step way to do each deal. There is almost always something that needs done differently from one transaction to the next. It could something small like a minor amendment to a contract or something big like repairs that must be finished before a loan gets closed. That is why you just have to get over the idea that everything has to be in perfect order before you even start.

Seeing actual examples can help to get over this fear. It allows you to see that not everything has to be done perfectly to make money with real estate. You have to be able to work with people to get the deals done. Title companies, escrow, real estate agents, sellers and more. With so many people involved, it is impossible to have one procedure that will work in every situation. You must adapt and real examples help to show you that.

Niche Site - Large Market

Be a big fish in a big MarketBe a big fish in a big MarketI haven't posted in a few days and heres why. As I talked about in a previous post I thought I would start sharing some case studies. This and of course the holidays has eaten up a good part of my time.

I recently decided to start talking about a new niche site that I will update under this area. I don't want to give away too much about it but I will talk about the steps I have taken from beginning to end. This site is a partnership and as such I will keep it mostly private at least until it reaches certain goals. At that time I will talk with my partner and see if she is alright with talking about it here.

A little about the Niche
This niche is very large and I'll talk about the research I did on it later. It could be really considered its own market but it truly is a large niche within a health and fitness market. The potential is big but I like the challenge. It also makes it easier to add content as multiple types of content can be added.

The site is up and running and I just today setup google analytics on it. This is the tool I will use to keep track of traffic and other information that will be useful. I will post the information periodically as I talk about the methods for marketing and developing this site.

Case Studies

Since this site is geared towards learning by example, it is only fitting that I include examples. I am pretty excited to say that Welcome to our Case StudiesWelcome to our Case Studiesvery shortly I will be adding case study examples that will go into details on what I have done and what I plan on doing. Some sites I will give all the information on including traffic, methods and money. While other sites I will keep a little more discreet but will include all the basic information. The discretion is mostly because the some sites might be client sites and I would rather not mix the two.

I will most likely be starting with two sites. One will be a site that I have had for a fairly long time which I have let slip into the nothingness of the net. I will be attempting to bring it back from the dead so to speak. It is a comic book hero site and once I start posting on my progress –I have yet to begin- I will talk about its history, how it had done in the past, how it is doing now and how I plan to bring it back.

The second site is a brand new site for someone else. I won’t be giving all the actual site info but Ill be sharing the entire process from start to finish, along with stats and more. As we go I will be giving updates in blog posts which will be organized for record under the case studies tab in the top menu. It will also show up under the guides area as case Studies, as the each one is added you will be able to follow along by choosing the example to read, just like a book.

Niche Sites

Niche sitesNiche sitesWhat exactly is a Niche anyways? The term niche when it comes to making money online is not an exact science. The vast size of the internet has made the term fairly hard to define.

In general as to internet marketing or web sites a niche is a smaller subset of a particular market that is more easily targetable. The question is where do you draw the line. I mean realistically an entire market could really be a subset of another market so that could technically be a niche as well. The point is that a niche is defined to the degree you want to define it. You can have a small niche or a large niche. Some will concentrate on micro niches. Which means there is just about no specific topic that can't be broken down further.

For instance, if you picked a topic like skiing, that could be a market but it could also be a niche in the outdoor sports market or winter sports market, which in itself is a subset of the sports market. But take it down further and you can say skiing could be broke down into locations like aspen skiing or mountain skiing or whatever you like. So in reality when talking about niches it is truly up to the person that is creating the site or blog that they are targeting. The smaller the subset of an individual market the easier it is to break into that market.

Real Estate - Don't overlook the Obvious - Getting a loan Still works!

Conventional Loans are GreatConventional Loans are GreatThere are so many ways to make money with real estate that sometimes people forget that the standard old fashioned ways still work. If you find a good deal that fits all your criteria why not just go get a loan. There have been times when investors I know, have come across a crazy good deal that they wanted to buy. One example is a wholesaler I had just started working with that had been doing some direct mail marketing in the seattle area. He had gotten a call on a property that was in a good location, great shape and he could get it at a very low price. The problem he was having was that he wasn't sure what to do with the property. He called me and said he had a property to turn but wasn’t sure what to do.

The answer is sometimes too easy

Lease Options

Lease with Option to BuyLease with Option to BuyLease options are currently one of my favorite forms of Real Estate. I personally feel using the lease option to sell a property has major advantages over traditional sales methods, especially today as standard loans are much harder to get than in the past.

What is a Lease Option
Lease options or lease with an option to buy contracts are really a combination of two contracts which are rolled into one -They don't have to be put into one but there are benefits to using multiple contracts, mainly if your the seller -.

There is the Lease and the Option to buy. The lease is just what it sounds like. Its a rental agreement. This gives the person that wants the house the ability to stay their for a fixed price and a certain amount of time. As long as they make payments on time and follow the rules set forth in the contract they have a place to stay. Since most people know what a rental agreement is Ill leave it at that. The second part of the lease option is the option agreement.

Seo Automation - How to Use Blog Commenting Software Properly

Blog  Commenting Automation HelpBlog Commenting Automation HelpI was messing around on a couple internet marketing forums the other day and came across a couple new but similar threads on both sites. I've been a member on The Warrior Forum and Digital Point forum for a fairly long time and have never written about something directly related to a post I saw. But since both forums had similar threads, It seems that it would be a good idea to talk about it. The posts were about Seo Automation Software.

Many of the comments on the threads were against using the tools. The people that were against using tools, claimed that they were basically spam tools and that google knows better. Of course there is some truth to this.

Most automation software is mostly used for spam, but keep this in mind before you completely ignore automation. The tool doesn’t create the spam the users of the software do. Of course if they are used to make garbage content that links to other garbage google won't like it. On the other hand if the tools are used properly -which even many of the tool makers don't teach- they can greatly help your marketing efforts, or at least reduce your workload.

Since there are so many different types of tools out there that do so many things Ill focus on blog commenting automation in this post and talk about other types of automation in another post.

Seo isn't Everything: Rethink your Marketing strategies with a Rookies mindset

Try Learning from NewbiesTry Learning from NewbiesSometimes people get so caught up in creating content or search engine optimization that they miss hidden opportunites to make money online. Affiliate sales and adsense aren't necessarily the only ways to get income. You don't even necessarily have to have a retail product of your own.

I Used Seo when it wasn't needed
In the past I did the same thing. I would pay so much attention to trying to learn seo and getting people to come to a site I was trying to get off the ground that I would miss the real easy money. An example of this is niche business directory sites. About five years ago, I got on this kick for creating niche directory sites. Sites similar to yelp, except they focused on a specific niche. I figured I could add a few businesses to the listings and fairly quickly with some easy link building, businesses within that niche would find me and sign up for a free listing.

My favorite of the sites had some potential. It looked good, especially when compared anything remotely close within that business type. Navigation was easy, it was simple to add your business to the directory and the niche was in high demand. The problem was that I focused all my time on creating backlinks and article marketing. So much that I didn't have anytime to make the site better. Instead of actually marketing my site, I was wasting valuable time and effort trying to get it to rank for certain keywords in google.

Not seeing the big Picture

Wholesaling Real Estate

Wholesaling Real EstateWholesaling Real EstateReal Estate is a great opportunity and I would encourage people to consider it as one of their investment strategies. I personally use several different strategies, but here I want to talk about one I don't directly use at least not much anymore. It is Wholesaling, or sometimes referred to as contract flipping. I don't personally use this method but I do use wholesalers to get deals so I know that the method is real. It is a great way for early investors to get involved with real estate.

Benefits of Wholesaling Real Estate
If you have read about making money in real estate with no money and no credit you probably have read or heard about flipping. It might have come across as scammy or maybe you thought it really cant work like they are claiming. How can someone buy real estate with no credit and no money, this is crazy. Well I'm telling you its not. There are multiple ways to do this but wholesaling is probably one of the most common. You can buy properties paying very little money. Im not talking about borrowing from someone for your down payment either -Thats another strategy which I sometimes use still -. You can literally get involved with very little money period.

The basics of Wholesaling