Multiple Income Streams by Example

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How do you Pick a Winning Blog

It doesnt have to be a race.It doesnt have to be a race.I have read several articles, seen several videos and even read a few books on creating profitable websites. Most of them have great information on how to pick a great niche. Many showed you how to find profitable keywords and then filter through the keywords to find the easiest ones to rank for. The websites can be niche sites to retail stores. This method of picking the weakest competition works. Can't argue with that.

Picking an easy keyword to rank for is a great start for someone that wants to make a little extra money on a few easy websites. It's tried and true. The thing is a blog is a little different.

Here's the deal, picking a keyword to name your blog is not the most important thing. In fact I would put little time into it as far as keyword research goes. Stick to picking a catchy name. Something that sticks. Something that people can remember and easily type into their browsers. --Warning-- I feel people will argue symantics with my next sentence but I truly believe what Im about to say. A blog is not truly a niche site -it can be niche- its not a retail store -you can have a retail store on your blog- A blog is something a little more personal. Its a log or journal of a person or persons life, hobby or interests. The word blog even comes from the phrase "web log".

I say this because the other day someone on a forum I frequent, posted a simple question for help on picking a good blog name. The members started hammering out advice, come to my website and learn. Do massive keyword research, make sure the name is not to competitive, and on and on. I never posted a response although I usually do. In my head I was saying. Don't worry about the name of your blog. It doesn't matter as much as anyone here is thinking.

Lets backup a little bit
This all stems from knowing that a blog is a little different. Yes methods are typically the same in general. You will make blog posts that try to rank. Etc Etc. Ill post more about this stuff. But a blog should be more about what you are interested. When someone asks what should I do a blog about (I think) well you shouldn't start a blog if you are asking that --how do I create a blog should really be their question, they should know what they want to blog about but read on--. (I will actually say) well, what do you like to do. What are your interests. (I do not say) well you have to do keyword research and find a keyword that has some searches and blah blah freaking blah.

They said a blog not a niche site or a site that will sell a product. So if I don't tell someone to do that for picking out what there blog will be about, I'm not going to say that about choosing the name either.

What should your blog be about
If you really want to start a blog, you will know what you want to write about. It might be about "you", It might be about something you like to do. It might be a little more narrowed down to almost nichey. Thats fine to. Its a topic you like to write about. Something you truly enjoy or get excited about. That is what your blog or blogs should be about. If you don't do them like this, you probably wont succeed.

Picking the Name
Since a true blog is personal, it makes more sense that a more catchy name is appropriate. Something you can be proud of or tell people come to my blog at "cool site name". Not hey come to my blog "easy-dog-tricks-learn-fast" lol Well I wouldn't even use that for a niche site people still need to click the search results, but I think you get it. Id say a better name is something like "rookiesdogtricks" or even something like "tricksofthetrade" is better than the above. Im just saying make it something that someone would say ya Ive been their. Or go to " Hes a dog trainer and has a bunch of great info.

Now if you can do keyword research and make a "trick" name fit your site without taking away from the personality, by all means do it. Its just that to sacrifice catchy quality for a robotic single keyword phrase is not or at least shouldn't be what your shooting for with a blog.

You are much better off going social then targeting keywords. Your posts can obviously still target keywords but concentrating on finding groups, sites forums etc that relate you your blog will benefit you much more. So in short, pick a blog you love and a name you love. Your goal with a blog is lasting readership not a bunch of one time people looking for a single answer to one question. Its more of a mini community and thats how you will grow it.

P.s. Next time your reading someones blog take a look at the name of it and the url. Most of the time it will be very general and not extremely keyword targeted. I could even be the authors name, but guess what you are reading it and you found it somehow right.

jarrod (not verified) wrote on Fri, 05/10/2013 - 17:53:

Thanks for the insight. Been getting ready to start my own blog and just see how it goes.
Was actually killing myself about what it should be about. What your saying makes perfect sense. I'm a mountain biker and there is a ton of stuff I could talk about.

How would I go about making money though. Does no keyword research kill my chance of building a blog that makes money.

The Rookie wrote on Sat, 05/11/2013 - 17:57:

Mountain biking would be an excellent choice.

There are far to many ways to monetize a site to get them all in this content but just off the top of my head selling mountain biking equipment or apparel would be good. You could drop ship or have affiliate products. That's just the beginning. Sell an info guide. Once you have a good following, which is less about keywords and more about good content although good posts can be keyword targeted , you will be able to monetize your blog several different ways.

Patricia (not verified) wrote on Mon, 05/27/2013 - 02:20:

Hi friends i like your blog style.

Derek Chamberlain (not verified) wrote on Thu, 06/06/2013 - 11:59:

Hey, my new blog is about making money, saving money, and investing ideas.

Give me a score 0-100 on how good the name MoneyAhoy is. It took me FOREVER to get a name that had the word money in it that wasn't already registered.


The Rookie wrote on Thu, 06/06/2013 - 16:47:

Hard to give you a number just because I don't feel that getting a keyword like money in your url is the most important thing. At least for that type of site. You were able fit it in though and it doesn't sound forced, so kudos to you. It sounds catchy to me which is good. I think for deciding on a name its a good idea to put yourself in other bloggers shoes and say would it be weird to link to moneyahoy.. It seems to me that the name passes that test. Its easy to rember. Not too long. And like I said earlier. Kind of catchy. People might someday recognize you just by name. Podcasters can easily reference you in terms like this "I was reading a post by Derek of the "moneyahoy" blog".

It fits. So I'm glad you didnt force a keyword into your site name without concern about the way it rolls off the tongue. Great name:)

Just for an example of reasons a blog doesn't necessarily have to be super keyword rich checkout HUGE amount of targeted traffic most likely from the great content. I'm not tied to this site in anyway just but its a site my fiance frequents.

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