Multiple Income Streams by Example

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The Death of forum posting: Why you should resurrect

Forums are AliveForums are AliveWith all the marketing methods talked about so often today, forums seem to have become an afterthought. Are they truly a dead method for bringing traffic? Marketers teach about so many techniques that will bring in tons of visitors to your site. Ive seen everything from massive content creation for catching odd phrases in google to massive niche site creation that lead to your main site. Forum Posting so rarely gets talked about anymore and when it does it is often called a dead end or useless method for actually bringing visitors to your web page. Not only are those statements wrong, they are leading you away from one of the easiest and fastest way to build a lasting online presence, whether you have a blog, build niche sites or most other types of online business.

Forums are great for so many reasons that they should be one of your top priorities when starting a new blog or business. This doesn't mean go around spamming them, that will just ruin any future you might have. I also don't suggest getting highly involved and putting your link in your signature, that will come a little later. There are many reasons for getting involved in forums. So many that for the sake of keeping this post simple Ill go over just a few of the best ones.

Getting involved in communities that have the same interests as your site is important. Everyone knows this, so why woulnd't you join the best forums that relate to what your site is about. They are very interactive and you will be getting a more in depth view of the true culture of your market. People who are on forums are very passionate and have plenty of great information to give to you, all free. It is also an excellent way for you to find out what people really want. If your a blogger this gives you great ideas for topics to write about. If your are adding products to your retail or affiliate site then you can easily find out problems that the industry or niche you are in face. When you sell products that fix the problems they will do much better than some other random product. What about building a reputation?

Participating in forums tends to help you build a good (or bad) reputation for the market that you are in. I remember when I first started reading forum topics on the real estate forum I automatically assumed authors who frequently answered the questions of new investors, and also posted new forum topics that made sense were "Guru's". I felt like I should be listening to them. This is just human nature. I had been doing real estate investing for years, so I wasn't exactly green. Yet I felt that they must know more than me. Some I'm sure do know more, but many did not. So posting on forums can put yourself in the place of those "Gurus". Becoming an expert or at least a well posted member on other sites is important to the future of your own sites which brings me to the reason you are probably reading this post. Forum Posting will bring traffic to your site.

Getting involved in forums will lead to traffic on your own web page or blog. Most forums that are popular will allow members to post links to their own sites usually some are allowed in posts as long as they arent spammy. Most of the time they will be allowed in a signature below all your posts. This means all of your posts will have a link just below your comments that can have a little tagline. Many times (not all) you won't be able to use the signature until you have done a certain amount of posts. This is another reason for making sure you are commenting fairly frequently but it works to your favor. You will have a chance to build repor with the members before they get to see your links. It also gives you a chance to build "your" site up with good content. That way once they do see one of your intriguing posts, they will click thru to a site that is worth mentioning in one of their own posts later. Its like a forced mini viral maketing plan.

I hope this makes it clear as to why you should not neglect to use forums. Although building the repor might take a little time the traffic spikes you will get once your signature goes live will be fast and can be close to permanent. In fact they can be very fast if you already have content on your site and you make a few good posts in forums that auto allow signatures or inline links from the beginning. The key is just creating great comments and posts. Whether its a learning tool or a way to drive traffic to your site, it is still one of the best ways to promote your business.

I posted this hoping to show how this method is still valid and not really to teach how to do it, I may write on some procedures for how to put it into action in another post. Regardless it should give a pretty good idea of how to begin.

Mike (not verified) wrote on Thu, 09/26/2013 - 03:35:

This gets so overlooked. Your so right about people bashing forum posting. yet forums are still some of the most active places and niche specific places online. Look at twoplustwo for poker, biggerpockets like you said, even thewarriorforum.

All of them have tons of members that are perfect for you to prove your worth. Its too logical for people to comprehend I guess.

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