Multiple Income Streams by Example

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Large Market Keyword Research

Market Research not Keyword ResearchMarket Research not Keyword ResearchThe site in this case study is not a small niche site, micro niche or even a niche blog. It is a very large niche that has thousands of keywords related to it. It encompasses several small niches and several hundred micro niches. For this reason I did not spend much time on keyword research. The several hours or days that can sometimes be eaten up, trying to drill down to that perfect longtail keyword that will "hopefully" be easy to rank for was not at all a part of my plan ----Not yet anyways, that will come later----.

Market analysis more than niche keyword research
That being said, I did do market analysis, and some quick keyword research. I wasn't necessarily looking to see how easy it would be to rank for a specific keyword, I was looking to see if the overall market had a demand. This is very important. You do not want to put together a large site with tons of content only to find out nobody online really cares about that topic. --unless its just a hobby :)--

Most of the time you will know if there is demand online before doing any research but it still needs to be done. Every once in a while there will be a subject that just doesn't get the searches that you might think. In the instance that a broad niche doesn't get much search volume it might work out better as a smaller niche site, but were thinking bigger on this case study.

Come up with an idea

Seo isn't Everything: Rethink your Marketing strategies with a Rookies mindset

Try Learning from NewbiesTry Learning from NewbiesSometimes people get so caught up in creating content or search engine optimization that they miss hidden opportunites to make money online. Affiliate sales and adsense aren't necessarily the only ways to get income. You don't even necessarily have to have a retail product of your own.

I Used Seo when it wasn't needed
In the past I did the same thing. I would pay so much attention to trying to learn seo and getting people to come to a site I was trying to get off the ground that I would miss the real easy money. An example of this is niche business directory sites. About five years ago, I got on this kick for creating niche directory sites. Sites similar to yelp, except they focused on a specific niche. I figured I could add a few businesses to the listings and fairly quickly with some easy link building, businesses within that niche would find me and sign up for a free listing.

My favorite of the sites had some potential. It looked good, especially when compared anything remotely close within that business type. Navigation was easy, it was simple to add your business to the directory and the niche was in high demand. The problem was that I focused all my time on creating backlinks and article marketing. So much that I didn't have anytime to make the site better. Instead of actually marketing my site, I was wasting valuable time and effort trying to get it to rank for certain keywords in google.

Not seeing the big Picture

Search Engines - Don't Beat them Join Them - Why you should be leading and not following the seo game

Don't follow the other Seo RatsDon't follow the other Seo RatsThere is no doubt that google is a great source of traffic. It can make your business very successful almost overnight. This causes many site owners to obsess over seo. They work so hard on researching what google likes best that they sacrifice quality on their sites. The very thing that helps them get to the top ends up eventually bringing them back to reality.

Search engine results can be manipulated, its been proven since the beginning. I remember the first time I ever tried seo on a website. It was over 15 years ago and search engines were in there early stages. The top search engines of the time were webcrawler, alta vista and some others - Its been a while- . Anyways, I had picked up a book at the library. One of the Guerilla marketing books by Jay Conrad Levinson I believe, and I'd recomend it even today. The book had great information on how to promote and market for businesses, core ideas that will forever stand the test of time like networking and having a great product. These are the ideas that people should focus on. Ill talk about them in future posts. The book also talked about tricks to get to the top of the search engines. If I remember right it mentioned that these strategies would probably last - again it was a long time ago -

Stop thinking about it and do it already: Why most online businesses never get going

This image was from  Great pic and a great blog post on giving upThis image was from Great pic and a great blog post on giving upGiving up already?
If you ask this question to anyone that has tried to make it online and failed. Their answer will almost always be; yes, making money online just doesn't work. Some will say how hard it is and how much time they wasted trying to make even the smallest amount of money. If you are one of the people in this group, ask yourself two questions, "what was so hard" and "what did I do".

Those simple questions will shed a lot of light on why you might have failed. Usually people just give up to early. The story is the same over and over again. People have a tendancy to start things and not finish. They get motivation from a book, article or video and think they will be able to quit their job in a month or two. People end up spending most of their time reading and not doing.

A simple example: