Multiple Income Streams by Example

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niche sites

How to build a Niche Site - Short and Sweet!

How to build a Niche site guide --get to the top tenHow to build a Niche site guide --get to the top tenThis is the quick no fluff version of the Niche Site Guide. It will contain all the steps necessary to get a niche site running without all of the fluff. For more detail in each area or topic you can go through the rest of the guide but make sure you read through this cliff notes version to help understand the general idea. Some people will be able to build a niche site with this article alone while others will need more detail, and that's just fine. So as always my guides have the short version at the beginning with a breakdown or chapters with details in a hierarchy in the right columns. So lets get started.

Find a niche topic to create your site about
First things first, you can't have a niche site if you haven't picked out a niche. Building niche sites aren't hard but the topic you pick matters a lot. So get to thinking in general about several topics that preferably you might know something on. It can be fairly general and might want to enjoy it. --this isn't required like it would be for an authority site but for your first niche it might be a good idea--

Keyword Research for your general idea

Niche Site - Large Market

Be a big fish in a big MarketBe a big fish in a big MarketI haven't posted in a few days and heres why. As I talked about in a previous post I thought I would start sharing some case studies. This and of course the holidays has eaten up a good part of my time.

I recently decided to start talking about a new niche site that I will update under this area. I don't want to give away too much about it but I will talk about the steps I have taken from beginning to end. This site is a partnership and as such I will keep it mostly private at least until it reaches certain goals. At that time I will talk with my partner and see if she is alright with talking about it here.

A little about the Niche
This niche is very large and I'll talk about the research I did on it later. It could be really considered its own market but it truly is a large niche within a health and fitness market. The potential is big but I like the challenge. It also makes it easier to add content as multiple types of content can be added.

The site is up and running and I just today setup google analytics on it. This is the tool I will use to keep track of traffic and other information that will be useful. I will post the information periodically as I talk about the methods for marketing and developing this site.

Niche Sites

Niche sitesNiche sitesWhat exactly is a Niche anyways? The term niche when it comes to making money online is not an exact science. The vast size of the internet has made the term fairly hard to define.

In general as to internet marketing or web sites a niche is a smaller subset of a particular market that is more easily targetable. The question is where do you draw the line. I mean realistically an entire market could really be a subset of another market so that could technically be a niche as well. The point is that a niche is defined to the degree you want to define it. You can have a small niche or a large niche. Some will concentrate on micro niches. Which means there is just about no specific topic that can't be broken down further.

For instance, if you picked a topic like skiing, that could be a market but it could also be a niche in the outdoor sports market or winter sports market, which in itself is a subset of the sports market. But take it down further and you can say skiing could be broke down into locations like aspen skiing or mountain skiing or whatever you like. So in reality when talking about niches it is truly up to the person that is creating the site or blog that they are targeting. The smaller the subset of an individual market the easier it is to break into that market.

Seo isn't Everything: Rethink your Marketing strategies with a Rookies mindset

Try Learning from NewbiesTry Learning from NewbiesSometimes people get so caught up in creating content or search engine optimization that they miss hidden opportunites to make money online. Affiliate sales and adsense aren't necessarily the only ways to get income. You don't even necessarily have to have a retail product of your own.

I Used Seo when it wasn't needed
In the past I did the same thing. I would pay so much attention to trying to learn seo and getting people to come to a site I was trying to get off the ground that I would miss the real easy money. An example of this is niche business directory sites. About five years ago, I got on this kick for creating niche directory sites. Sites similar to yelp, except they focused on a specific niche. I figured I could add a few businesses to the listings and fairly quickly with some easy link building, businesses within that niche would find me and sign up for a free listing.

My favorite of the sites had some potential. It looked good, especially when compared anything remotely close within that business type. Navigation was easy, it was simple to add your business to the directory and the niche was in high demand. The problem was that I focused all my time on creating backlinks and article marketing. So much that I didn't have anytime to make the site better. Instead of actually marketing my site, I was wasting valuable time and effort trying to get it to rank for certain keywords in google.

Not seeing the big Picture