Multiple Income Streams by Example

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How to build a Niche Site - Short and Sweet!

How to build a Niche site guide --get to the top tenHow to build a Niche site guide --get to the top tenThis is the quick no fluff version of the Niche Site Guide. It will contain all the steps necessary to get a niche site running without all of the fluff. For more detail in each area or topic you can go through the rest of the guide but make sure you read through this cliff notes version to help understand the general idea. Some people will be able to build a niche site with this article alone while others will need more detail, and that's just fine. So as always my guides have the short version at the beginning with a breakdown or chapters with details in a hierarchy in the right columns. So lets get started.

Find a niche topic to create your site about
First things first, you can't have a niche site if you haven't picked out a niche. Building niche sites aren't hard but the topic you pick matters a lot. So get to thinking in general about several topics that preferably you might know something on. It can be fairly general and might want to enjoy it. --this isn't required like it would be for an authority site but for your first niche it might be a good idea--

Keyword Research for your general idea


Welcome to the guides area. I will slowly but surely be adding topics to discuss. I chose this format for easy navigation and a more logical feel or flow than a standard blog where items just get tagged and sort of categorized. On the right is a navigation area that will added to constantly. The information is meant to be a great resource for more specific topics, and a place that someone can go for more detailed information. More topics will be added and the content in each section will grow. Feel free to comment on anything in this area just as the general blog section.

Topics discussed will flow similar to a book or outline. I am using the Drupal book module to organize this area. Topics such as Real Estate Investing will have a main page then as an outline under each section will be chapters and subchapters. The intention is to keep everything organized and easy to follow.

As the guides grow I will add other areas, I am considering case studies or examples. This way it will be easy to follow each study in a correct order. Hopefully this makes it easier for everyone, as always let me know what you think.