Multiple Income Streams by Example

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What I have been Up to!

Where Have I been!Where Have I been!So since my last post was so vague as to what Ive been doing I thought Id share a little. I have been living the marketers dream, swimming in Tahiti. Flying from vacation spot to vacation spot. ----Im kidding-- I can't believe some people still go with that kind of stuff though lol. Anyways, I have been really busy with work. Was involved in a pretty tough project and didn't have nearly as much free time as I used to. Last thing I wanted to do was sit home and write.

Why not? Writing is fun
It's not that I don't really enjoy it. Its just that I had to choose between my normal tv shows and writing this blog. I had a pretty heavy commute to and from the job and when I got home I would have to do work for clients, and my other businesses that I am involved in. Then the little time left Id pretty much spend with my fiance and the tv.

I have been working on a couple clients websites, and am getting ready to start a marketing campaign for a larger company. I won't be able to write much about it as its just not good practice in my opinion. I will however be writing about the site I started as a partnership. I won't give all the details as again It still a partnership, but I can give the idea and how its progressing along with marketing techniques that we will be implementing. For up until now its just been adding content. These posts will of course be put in the case study area for easy reference.


Back from the Dead

Well, it has been a long time since my last post, and I apologize to anyone who is following my blog. I have been extremely busy with several different things and have just put the blog on hiatus for the time being. Its not that I couldn't find the time - Everyone has the time to do blog posts once or twice a week - its just that I haven't felt the urge. I do use this blog as a hobby and not a source of income. Regardless I will make an effort to start posting more regularly.

I have been able to free up some of my time and think I will make a strong effort to continue this journal on a more consistent pace. I have continued on a couple of the projects I started talking about - even though I haven't blogged about them - So I will start talking about what I've been up to in the next few posts.

For now I'll be playing catch up and should be posting probably once a day until I feel like I am caught up with what I have been doing. Once caught up I will most likely scale it back down to probably twice a week. I do plan on at a minimum once a week from this point on. Although I'd like to say I'll be aiming for 3 posts per week.

I look forward to getting back to writing, and I think many of you will definitely find value in my future posts.


Welcome to the guides area. I will slowly but surely be adding topics to discuss. I chose this format for easy navigation and a more logical feel or flow than a standard blog where items just get tagged and sort of categorized. On the right is a navigation area that will added to constantly. The information is meant to be a great resource for more specific topics, and a place that someone can go for more detailed information. More topics will be added and the content in each section will grow. Feel free to comment on anything in this area just as the general blog section.

Topics discussed will flow similar to a book or outline. I am using the Drupal book module to organize this area. Topics such as Real Estate Investing will have a main page then as an outline under each section will be chapters and subchapters. The intention is to keep everything organized and easy to follow.

As the guides grow I will add other areas, I am considering case studies or examples. This way it will be easy to follow each study in a correct order. Hopefully this makes it easier for everyone, as always let me know what you think.

Tools and Resources

Here you will find some of the tools I currently use or have used with success in the past. On occasion I may add a tool or resource that I don't necessarily use but is similar to one that I do use. An example would be a web hosting company. I feel that more than one choice would be important for you to make an informed decision. I will not post one unless I have researched it and feel good about it. In the case that I don't use that program or tool I will disclose the info and why. There will be no tools listed that I don't use or have not used in the past unless they weren't highly recommended by someone I trust.

I will also be including Sites that I like, if it makes sense that a particular site is about a method I wrote about and it does a great job I will add it here as well. If the list gets large enough I might give it a dedicated page.

Content Management - If your serious about being online, you need a cms - Content management systems.

-- Drupal: This is the system I prefer for many reasons, I am very comfortable with it but beginners might have a slight learning curve. You can check out Why I like Drupal

What is this blog all about?

This site is not about getting rich in a day, week or month. Its not about getting rich period. The truth is NONE of the ideas on this site or any other site will help you get rich. Only you can do that. Any of the ideas that are discussed or will be discussed here will only give you a direction to go. They are an assortment of techniques business models and ideas that I have used in the past and many that I still use today. That doesn't mean you can't get rich or at least make a living working for yourself, its just a disclaimer, yes thats right, I started off with a disclaimer.

Find your DirectionFind your Direction

What WOI (Web of Income) is about!

I have been dabbling with online marketing since about 1997 and constantly moved from there to online retail to hosting to offline businesses etc etc. A jack of all but master at only a few yet just about all my ventures with the exception of a small few have been profitable. Most have not made me a killing but some have done very well. I do them for fun, hobby,money and sometimes just to see if some models actually work, and believe it or not most seem to work fine they just need put into action. After doing all these things I realized I have never really kept an organized log of the stuff I have done.

The Point