Multiple Income Streams by Example

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Adding Content to a Large Niche Site

ContentContentIt has been quite some time since I have updated this case study. There is a good reason too. Up until recently very little had been done since the last post. As of the last post, the site had been created and a look and feel or theme was chosen. We had added a few graphics and a couple of posts.

After that, the site has pretty much sat stagnant. Until recently only a couple posts had been completed. That being said, it has continued to bring in a very small amount of natural traffic, some of that traffic is from some really long tail keywords that were picked out during our original keyword research portion.

So what's the Deal are we calling it quits without even really starting
Absolutely not. Both of us have a ton of stuff going on and it has been very tough trying to get motivated. Its not that the subject isn't a good choice, its simply that our time is more valuable in other areas right now. Or at least it was.