Multiple Income Streams by Example

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authority site

Large Market Keyword Research

Market Research not Keyword ResearchMarket Research not Keyword ResearchThe site in this case study is not a small niche site, micro niche or even a niche blog. It is a very large niche that has thousands of keywords related to it. It encompasses several small niches and several hundred micro niches. For this reason I did not spend much time on keyword research. The several hours or days that can sometimes be eaten up, trying to drill down to that perfect longtail keyword that will "hopefully" be easy to rank for was not at all a part of my plan ----Not yet anyways, that will come later----.

Market analysis more than niche keyword research
That being said, I did do market analysis, and some quick keyword research. I wasn't necessarily looking to see how easy it would be to rank for a specific keyword, I was looking to see if the overall market had a demand. This is very important. You do not want to put together a large site with tons of content only to find out nobody online really cares about that topic. --unless its just a hobby :)--

Most of the time you will know if there is demand online before doing any research but it still needs to be done. Every once in a while there will be a subject that just doesn't get the searches that you might think. In the instance that a broad niche doesn't get much search volume it might work out better as a smaller niche site, but were thinking bigger on this case study.

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