Multiple Income Streams by Example

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The Rookie's blog


Adding Content to a Large Niche Site

ContentContentIt has been quite some time since I have updated this case study. There is a good reason too. Up until recently very little had been done since the last post. As of the last post, the site had been created and a look and feel or theme was chosen. We had added a few graphics and a couple of posts.

After that, the site has pretty much sat stagnant. Until recently only a couple posts had been completed. That being said, it has continued to bring in a very small amount of natural traffic, some of that traffic is from some really long tail keywords that were picked out during our original keyword research portion.

So what's the Deal are we calling it quits without even really starting
Absolutely not. Both of us have a ton of stuff going on and it has been very tough trying to get motivated. Its not that the subject isn't a good choice, its simply that our time is more valuable in other areas right now. Or at least it was.

Check Credit Score for Free: Are they scamming You?

Whats my credit scoreWhats my credit scoreYou see them all the time yet you probably think they are a scam. Do the sites, and even tv commercials that claim to offer you the ability to check your credit score for free really mean it. Are they just a scam or some kind of marketing ploy to get you to buy something later.

The answer is a little of both. So first off let me talk about the free score part. Can you get your score for free? Yes, well sort of. In fact because of government regulation of the credit industry and in particular the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Credit Reporting agencies are required to give you a free copy of your report at a minimum of once every twelve months. Here is the thing, you have to ask for it and notice above I said sort of. What they are required to give you is actually a report.

Whats the difference between a credit report and credit score
Well, the report is actually the information gathered over time about your credit history. It really doesn't have a number associated with it. The number you get or letter grade sometimes is what people refer to as their score. Your score is basically a number that is given that represents an easy to read view of your credit report.

Why the score matters

If I was Broke: Thoughts on Starting Over!

If I Started OverIf I Started OverWhen talking to people about certain businesses I have, I often get asked questions about how I got started. In fact I was just asked this question
again the other day. I was having dinner with a close friend and we were talking about real estate.

I was giving her the basics of how to tie up deals and wholesale them. The point was to give her a low risk avenue to getting into real estate with little money in play. Going over the business model was pretty straight forward, but then she asked the question. How did you get started. How did I get the money etc. For a quick second I thought what do you mean, isn't it obvious. "I have been doing this stuff so long (well long enough to understand it) that I forgot that it wasn't always easy for me either".

Sometimes I forget where I came from
Its funny because the conversation was about using very little money so it seemed kind of ironic that she asked how I got the money to start out. Well,I thought about it, and the truth is I didn't start with nothing.

How do you Pick a Winning Blog

It doesnt have to be a race.It doesnt have to be a race.I have read several articles, seen several videos and even read a few books on creating profitable websites. Most of them have great information on how to pick a great niche. Many showed you how to find profitable keywords and then filter through the keywords to find the easiest ones to rank for. The websites can be niche sites to retail stores. This method of picking the weakest competition works. Can't argue with that.

Picking an easy keyword to rank for is a great start for someone that wants to make a little extra money on a few easy websites. It's tried and true. The thing is a blog is a little different.

Here's the deal, picking a keyword to name your blog is not the most important thing. In fact I would put little time into it as far as keyword research goes. Stick to picking a catchy name. Something that sticks. Something that people can remember and easily type into their browsers. --Warning-- I feel people will argue symantics with my next sentence but I truly believe what Im about to say. A blog is not truly a niche site -it can be niche- its not a retail store -you can have a retail store on your blog- A blog is something a little more personal. Its a log or journal of a person or persons life, hobby or interests. The word blog even comes from the phrase "web log".

What I have been Up to!

Where Have I been!Where Have I been!So since my last post was so vague as to what Ive been doing I thought Id share a little. I have been living the marketers dream, swimming in Tahiti. Flying from vacation spot to vacation spot. ----Im kidding-- I can't believe some people still go with that kind of stuff though lol. Anyways, I have been really busy with work. Was involved in a pretty tough project and didn't have nearly as much free time as I used to. Last thing I wanted to do was sit home and write.

Why not? Writing is fun
It's not that I don't really enjoy it. Its just that I had to choose between my normal tv shows and writing this blog. I had a pretty heavy commute to and from the job and when I got home I would have to do work for clients, and my other businesses that I am involved in. Then the little time left Id pretty much spend with my fiance and the tv.

I have been working on a couple clients websites, and am getting ready to start a marketing campaign for a larger company. I won't be able to write much about it as its just not good practice in my opinion. I will however be writing about the site I started as a partnership. I won't give all the details as again It still a partnership, but I can give the idea and how its progressing along with marketing techniques that we will be implementing. For up until now its just been adding content. These posts will of course be put in the case study area for easy reference.


Back from the Dead

Well, it has been a long time since my last post, and I apologize to anyone who is following my blog. I have been extremely busy with several different things and have just put the blog on hiatus for the time being. Its not that I couldn't find the time - Everyone has the time to do blog posts once or twice a week - its just that I haven't felt the urge. I do use this blog as a hobby and not a source of income. Regardless I will make an effort to start posting more regularly.

I have been able to free up some of my time and think I will make a strong effort to continue this journal on a more consistent pace. I have continued on a couple of the projects I started talking about - even though I haven't blogged about them - So I will start talking about what I've been up to in the next few posts.

For now I'll be playing catch up and should be posting probably once a day until I feel like I am caught up with what I have been doing. Once caught up I will most likely scale it back down to probably twice a week. I do plan on at a minimum once a week from this point on. Although I'd like to say I'll be aiming for 3 posts per week.

I look forward to getting back to writing, and I think many of you will definitely find value in my future posts.