Multiple Income Streams by Example

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Adding Content to a Large Niche Site

ContentContentIt has been quite some time since I have updated this case study. There is a good reason too. Up until recently very little had been done since the last post. As of the last post, the site had been created and a look and feel or theme was chosen. We had added a few graphics and a couple of posts.

After that, the site has pretty much sat stagnant. Until recently only a couple posts had been completed. That being said, it has continued to bring in a very small amount of natural traffic, some of that traffic is from some really long tail keywords that were picked out during our original keyword research portion.

So what's the Deal are we calling it quits without even really starting
Absolutely not. Both of us have a ton of stuff going on and it has been very tough trying to get motivated. Its not that the subject isn't a good choice, its simply that our time is more valuable in other areas right now. Or at least it was.

Some of my other projects are winding down and I will have a little more time to dedicate to this project. As for my partner. Her time has been divided between family, her retail businesses and a little vacation and a move. I also feel that because she is still somewhat skeptical, that her priorities are in other areas (thats not really a bad thing) This is just an added venture after all. Regardless as of about two months ago she started writing again. The funny thing is, once she got a few blog posts down, the posts started to become more frequent.

Where exactly is it at right now
So far, almost no outside or offsite promotion has been done. I "have" setup a twitter and facebook account which pulls posts from the site and adds them to the streams. This is something I suggest doing early on pretty much any site. To do this I use a site called twitterfeed at . I do this early so that once I eventually start marketing the site the twitter and facebook pages aren't empty. This helps give people that extra incentive to like or follow.

There has been quite a bit of posting going on lately. This is actually somewhat common for peoples first sites. There tends to be ups and down. Bloggers or writers can get unmotivated or caught up in other things. But once they sit down and write a little it can suddenly spark more motivation. Picking a topic you have interest will help keep the motivation levels higher. In many instances creating a chain reaction that begins to fill your pages or blog up very quickly. It can become an obsession so don't say I didn't warn you :)

How about progress, is the site getting anywhere?
Yes, yes yes. Im not claiming that traffic levels have jumped dramatically or anything. Yes traffic has gone up a little. But not really enough to raise an eyebrow at. Its only natural to get a little more search engine traffic and pick up a facebooker or whatever. That is really not the point. I mean, marketing hasn't even begun.

What is great, is that the site continues to develop. My partner has recently hit the point where her blogging is creating here desire to blog even more. Its already becoming fun for her and not a job. (which is what we were hoping for from the beginning but in our defense we both were extremely busy when this got started.) Last month more content was added than the entire previous 6 months. In the last two weeks more was added than everything upto that point. Whats happening is her passion for the topic is being fueled by her writing.

Learning about something you want to learn about creates the desire to Learn more
The statement above means that when you start learning a subject that you like, or have true interest in, it will automatically create a desire for you to learn more. This is a snowball type affect and its why people that are really successful at something usually have a passion for it. An example of this would be a pro athlete. Although Pro athletes might have a gift, they still have to love what they do or at least at some point they did. Could your really see pro skateboarders or snowboarders or really any athlete getting to the big money without really liking it. No, they would have quit. There are definitely exceptions to this but in general there has to be the love for what you do.

Why have I not begun to market the site
There is really only one reason I haven't started marketing the site. There isn't enough content. Now I could start trying to get backlinks and do some social engagement but with the type of site we are building isn't necessarily the best practice. That doesn't mean getting traffic a bad idea, there is after all some natural traffic trickling in.

The thing is, the site is being built for repeat visits. When I put effort into marketing the goal is to get people to the site, and look around. It needs to look good (not always the case with niche sites) and have enough content that people want to come back. The content also needs to be pretty well done. The idea is to get people to the site and make sure there is enough content to get them to come back so they have more to go through. Its almost like you want them to feel like they couldn't get through it all but should try.

At the same time we don't want to go overboard. I mean what good is content if its not read. So it is important to make the better articles or posts more accessible. Give the illusion that the site is full of this kind of stuff (eventually it will be anyway).

This doesn't mean I want to wait too long, but I will wait a little longer. If this was a small niche site I would start after just a few articles because I'm banking on them clicking away to buy a product or click on adsense. But in this instance I want them to stay, read, like it and come back.


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